Since I have built my website, I have had a wonderful outpouring of testimonials from the lovely people I am proud to call my clients. Thank you so much! If there is any information you would like to see on our site, or if you have a comment you would like posted email me - the more input we have from you the better we can help!

Shelly, Chris & Wally

When I decided I would love to bring an eclectus into my home I started searching the Internet and the breeders and pet shops close to my home. I came across Parrot Haven during my search and was repeatedly drawn back. The information Kirsten & Jason had provided on their site was above and beyond anything else I had come across and their passion for their parrots was evident. I absorbed everything on the website including their blog and came across the parrot chatter forum where I introduced myself to Kirsten, Jason and all the other parrot slaves.

I loved how everyone was so passionate and I knew that this was who I wanted to get my parrot from so I organised my phone interview with Kirsten. After passing my interview Kirsten turned her attention to the personalities of her parrots and which of them would suit my home and family.

Today I am lucky to have a Cletus and Les boy who I've called Wally. He goes almost everywhere with my husband and I and fits in perfectly. He loves being out and about exploring new places and takes it all in his little stride. Wally is now 15months old and is healthy, talkative and super active but also enjoys his nightly cuddle time. Kirsten & Jason have provided me excellent follow up service by means of phone calls, emails or on the parrot chatter forum and I would highly recommend Kirsten & Jason of Parrot Haven to anyone interested in a beautiful healthy eclectus parrot.

Thank you very very much Kirsten & Jason
Shelley, Chris & Wally

Dy Loveday, SA

We've always loved the beautiful Eclectus parrot and after a lot of research, we found Parrot Haven. The website and forum spoke volumes about the knowledge, love and care Kirst and Jason put into their parrots. We'd already had some bad experiences with other breeders, so this time I was prepared to wait for the right bird, someone who would give our kid the best start to life.

Jaz is the offspring of Cletus and Peggy Sue. We waited patiently, knowing he needed to be fully weaned before he could fly to South Australia.

Jaz came off the long flight in great condition, in a beautifully decked out carrier with a big sign, warning people to treat him with care. We placed him in the car and he sang and chortled the whole way home. We had his new cage waiting for him and expected him to huddle in his carrier for the night, frightened of his new world. But he surprised us and jumped out immediately, explored his new cage, got himself into trouble with a new toy and settled down for an exhausted snooze.

Jaz has been nothing short of wonderful. Like any new bird, it took a while for him to feel comfortable. We had to earn his trust. It definitely helped to create a calm and consistent environment and to obtain advice from Kirst on a range of issues: from feeding, to routine, bonding, training and household dangers.

Now, 3 months later, Jaz steps up on request and helps me write and edit every day. He cuddles my husband in front of the television at night, adores his shower and blow dry time and mumbles words. He's even taken to his harness and loves telling his water bowl off. Our 10 yr old is bonding with him too and it's wonderful to see her enjoying his company.

There are a lot of myths circulating about Eclectus parrots and I'm grateful to Kirst for debunking them. He is the most adorable boy a proud Eckie mum could ever want and I can only thank Kirsten and Jas for raising such a well adjusted, gentle, happy and confident little boy.

We'll be putting our name down for a red girl soon, and spoilt Jaz will have to learn to share.
Dy Loveday, Jasper's Mum

Lisa Norris, USA

I acquired an Eclectus hen from a friend of mine two years ago. After being with us for two weeks she started wing flicking and toe tapping. I was beside myself and ran her to the vet. They had no idea what was causing it. I started reading all kinds of things on the internet, and wow, talk about confusing!! Then I found Parrot Haven and started asking questions. Kirsten and Jason were wonderful! They gave me good, solid information that made sense. They helped me through a very rough time when she started feather picking, and again, gave great advice. They are the most caring, knowledgeable and understanding Eclectus breeders/owners I have ever talked to. Needless to say, under their kind tutoring, Ruby no longer wing flicks or toe taps and her feathers are beginning to grow back in. Even though I have never met them, I consider them friends to both myself and my birds.
Lisa Norris, proud Mum to Ruby Jean and Owen


Kirsten and Jason, thank you both so much for my gorgeous and sweet little girl Sohni. After looking at some dodgy Eclectus breeders and large parrot breeders as well as private sales we were extremely lucky to run across the Parrot Haven website. I was really impressed with the interview process which proved to me that I was dealing with a person who genuinely has the best interests of her kids at heart but is also an ethical and reputable breeder.

Sohni has been part of our family for three months now and is an interactive member who gladly participates with all members of the family, particularly me and the human kiddies. She is extremely sociable and funny not to mention confident, curious and intelligent. Like every other member of our family, I can't imagine life without her.

Kirsten and Jason have always been available for a chat to address any concerns, offer encouragement and give advice. Along with the fabulous after care service Kirsten offers, their forum is an invaluable source of information and support for likeminded people.

Kirsten and Jason both run a fabulous service to animal/bird lovers and I have and would recommend her to anyone who genuinely wants to add an Eclectus parrot to their family and is willing to educate themselves on the needs of the new family member.

Thanks again guys, I can't thank you enough!
Love your work, Yvette and crew (Central Qld)


I came across Kirsten's website about a year ago - with a then 6 month old baby girl I was looking to add to my flock & wanted a confident boy to bring my girl out of her snuggly shell. After speaking with Kirsten, and not receiving the harsh grilling some talk about i was fortunate enough to be close enough to visit Kirsten & Jas & new baby boy Billy. A Cletus & Peggy-Sue baby, who started as the biggest sook, but has grown to have a larger than life personality & be the ultimate snuggly boy. I can with my whole heart recommend these guys to you. Not only are their baby's big, robust & bomb proof, Kirsten will be there every step of the way. A family emergency meant i had to leave Billy with Kirsten for 2 weeks after i was supposed to collect him & when my hen, Jez fell sick on Christmas Day, Kirsten was on the phone with me every step of the way. These guys go above & beyond the call of duty & the network of friends you find here on the forum is amazing. Kirsten is not just a breeder, she will be your friend & your baby's step mum for life. Yes her babies may be a little more than others but for the quality, personality & service, she should be charging a lot more ;)
Cat, Billy & Jez

Jamie,Glenda,Madison and Bailey (their second Parrot Haven Baby)

Just wanted to share the unbelievable matched eccy's from Kirsten and Jason. We have had our boy Mango for just over a year now and starting to mature and bring us fruit and bring up his crop as a kind gesture(bit yukky but kind of nice he thinks us as family) It wasn't long ago my family and I decided we wanted a partner for him for company while we were at work.

I mentioned this to Kirsten one day and she said she would wait until the right female came along to match our boy. We left it for a while and out of the blue Kirst calls me saying we have your girl. Blue was to be her name so the excitement started.

After a few weeks of updates and pics Kirst sent she called us with bad news. Blue had decided to be "stand off ish" compared to the rest of the kids that were being hand raised. Kirsten said she would be better off being a breeder bird than a companion. "this can happen"

We were disappointed but we knew it was the right thing to do because it wouldn't have been fair on Mango or Blue 1. So we let her go and began the wait again. It wasn't long and Blue 2 had arrived. A "sweet little thinker" said Kirsten Badham. "Just the match for your boy" And wow was she right.

Blue 2 arrived after a long flight. Obviously scared and lost without her family around her. Kirst said she would take a bit of time to adjust as she is a very sensitive girl. Taking this into consideration we let her be to adjust and get used to Mango.

Within 24 hours she had made her way out to meet us and her new boyfriend. Mango started preening her neck as we looked on with amazement. We feel we should by a lottery ticket!! They both had a shower together yesterday morning and as they were being blow dried they preened and beaked each other. I recommend if you can get your new baby in the shower and then have a blow dry session it does wonders for bonding!!!

You will not find a more professional and caring breeder when introducing your second baby to the family as Kirsten Badham. Kirsten puts people through and interview process even with your second bird to get to know your family situation , the baby you already have and how she can match ALL that amazes me.

I would recommend getting another eccy for company for the one you have. The antics of Mango has doubled ,he cracks us up as he tries to impress Blue and show how the routine goes. I believe all animals should at least have another for company, its ok to say "we have heaps of toys for him/her when we are out" but put yourself in the situation? I know I would rather have another to share my 50 years!!

So please think about it seriously, and no it isn't double the work. ITS DOUBLE THE FUN!! Thank you Kirsten and Jason from the bottom of our hearts for finding such a beautiful girl for our boy xxx
Jamie,Glenda,Madison and Bailey (Mango & Blue)

Amanda, Josh and Tilly

Kirsten and Jason, where do I begin! The minute we stumbled across your amazing website we immediately wanted to be a part of it. Previously owning a male Eclectus we already had knowledge of the time and dedication these parrots need, but not only that, we knew exactly how rewarding it is to have one own us.

When we began to research we thought we wanted a boy, but after looking at your page we decided that ultimately we wanted one of each. After our interview with Kirsten and just hearing the absolute passion she has for her babies and the constant attention and love that she gives them how could we ever what to go through anyone else. I really do not believe that there are words that can tell people just how dedicated you two are. I know I say it a lot, but I mean it.

Living so far away from Cairns one of our main concerns was the travel. Our little girl literally travelled across the entire country to come and live with us. Every step of the way Kirst and Jas were on standby, waiting for our call to confirm she was a-ok! I don't think you guys know just how re-assuring it is to have someone who is so willing to give up their time, just to answer a question, or calm a fear.

So here we are, 3 months later with a gorgeous, healthy, amazing, smart little girl. We have only had our Tilly for several days and already she has just fit perfectly into our lives. She makes me laugh, she constantly makes me smile, she is just PERFECT! We knew from the beginning that it may take some time for her to become adjusted to her knew family, coming into a whole new world. Well you must have done something amazing because she has just eased right in, after a 3 flights, and taking a massive 12 hours to get here, she got home, settled herself and after a good half hour was sitting on our arms. From there she has just gotten better, we have already gained so much trust from her, we know we have so far to go, but to have come this far in such a short time reflects on how well you raise your babies.

I would have no hesitation in referring you on to anyone who wants to share their lives with these gorgeous parrots, there is no one else I would trust to raise what technically is our baby girl. Thank you so much for such an amazing addition to our little family.
Amanda, Josh and Tilly (Karratha, WA)

Belinda Hawkins (Ollie's Mum)

Hi Kirst & Jas
I fell in love with eclectus parrots about ten years ago knowing one day when the time is right I'd adopt one into my family. During that time I researched a lot of information, read as much as I could and even emailed a few other breeders asking information and questions. Some would respond, other's would not, it was difficult to find all the answers I needed in one place!

Until I found Kirsten!

My heart had been set on an eclectus for a long time, as I had twin boys under 2 I was being encouraged to buy a different, smaller bird. I understand this bird dealer was just doing his job, informing me of the possible risks with small children. (Both to the bird and the children!) However, I knew my children, myself and once I found Kirsten's website, I felt I knew her. I could hardly wait to be able to ask her questions and get the confirmation I needed that I could get a beloved eclectus...even with small children. Kirsten's website is full of endless knowledge and information, she is honest and open and so willing to help, her ethics, morals and caring, compassionate nature all shone through her words on her website....I'd found my breeder! Kirsten's website felt like home.

My questions turned into an interview process, and by the end of it I was on the waiting list! I felt honoured and excited! The more I delved into other websites and people's experience with cheaper birds or pet shop birds, the more I realised how very lucky and blessed I am to have found Kirsten and be approved one of her babies.

These magnificent, intelligent creatures are like her babies, the way they are loving hand raised in a family environment, with the best possible nutrition being fed to both parents and babies really is second to none! I could not imagine trusting anyone else with the health, well being and development, physically and psychologically with anyone else. There's is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Kirsten is the best breeder in Australia, probably one of the best in the world.

Through emails and the forum Kirsten kept me up to date with Ollie's progress, personality, photo's and stories to such an extent I felt I already knew him! Any questions or concerns were quickly and compassionately answered....her love and devotion is truly amazing! Now Ollie, who has been with us for almost 3 months, is the perfect match for me and my family! He is sweet, snuggly, cheeky, confident, funny, sociable and so very tolerant with my boys. Once he settled in he has even started playing on the floor with the twins, picking up and throwing their toys, calls to them when he wants them to share their food...in particular noodles! He even tried to jump in the bath with them! And never tries to bite them at all! (Thank goodness I found and chose Kirst cos that's a big beak! I'd hate to imagine the consequences of lesser brought up parrots from other breeders.)

We had a visit from Irene and Jellybean, Ollie's half brother, (both ekkie and slave are so lovely)and I was amazed at how precisely Kirsten has matched the personalities of each individual bird and owner! Ollie is all I could ever have hoped for and all I imagined. I feel so very blessed to have waited, to have found Kirsten, to have such a well rounded, healthy, confident and sweet family companion in Ollie. What's more, I didn't think it could get any better....is that I have found a new, true friend in Kirsten Badham.

Yes, it may sound like I'm rambling or that Kirsten's Parrot Haven babies are too good to be true...yet I can not sing her praises loud enough. There is a "family" of us who share stories, information and advice on her forum, any of the regulars would be more than happy to help or answer any queries.

Thank you Kirst, and Jas. Finding you has brought so much delight and laughter into my life, and I'm more grateful than I can ever express for finding you, and in turn finding Ollie.

Love Belle, Ollie and family ;)
Bel (SA)

Irene (Jellybean's Mum)

Hi Kirsten
Thought I better get around to writing that testimonial that you so deserve!!

I've wanted a larger bird for a long time and the more I read the more I was convinced that an Eclectus would be a great match in our house as I wanted a bird that was confident enough to fit into our lifestyle.

After a lot of research I wanted to find a breeder that matched my ideals of how a bird should be raised and integrated into the family home. When I came across Kirsten's website I knew I found my breeder. The way they interact with not only their birds but all of their animals is exactly what I was looking for. I love how they interview every potential buyer - not wanting their babies to go to the wrong home.

I had to go on a waiting list which I was quite happy to do as I really wanted a boy from them. During the time on my waiting list I was offered another bird from another breeder at a cheaper rate, but it wasn't about the money, it was about how the birds are raised, so I declined and prayed and prayed that the run of girls being born at Parrot Haven would soon break and some boys would finally arrive.

Well it did take a little while but finally the boys started arriving and Jellybean was born and what a gorgeous (fugly) ball of fluff he was! As I live in South Australia it was great to come online and see all the great photos and comments about how Jellybean was doing. After what seemed like eternity (to me) it was time to pick my beautiful boy up from the airport. From day one Jellybean has been one confident boy and has totally fitted into our family and lifestyle. Only one week after arriving he was in the park with me enjoying the sunshine, butterflies and attention - he just took it all in his stride. He's nearly 6 months old now and he is fully harness trained and has enjoyed many outings including meeting everyone in my large office where everyone fell in love with him (I think that went to his head). He has even spent a week at our shack taking in walks along the beach and jetty! This boy is bomb proof and I love him dearly - he has even helped a young boy get over his fear of birds - it doesn't get much better than this.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring breeder who raises exceptional, well adjusted birds with fantastic follow up and now a great forum, well you've come to the right place. Kirsten loves my boy as much as I do and wants only the best for him - it's a great bond we all have together now.
Irene (SA)


Hi everyone, Pebbles is with us now for six weeks and she is the most beautiful girl and very sweet. She is a very happy girl who likes her shower very much. And she is an very quite bird only when breakfast is a little late she will let us know still not very loud.She likes her sunbathing when we put her in the cage on the balcony. When we put the vacuum cleaner on she get excited as well and let us know she can have a bigger volume than the vacuum cleaner.

After looking for an eclectus for a while I am so happy that I purchased from Parrot Haven and the enjoyment we have from Pebbles is brilliant, specially when she lays on her back in our hands playing with her toy. When I have a little sleep on the couch she fly's up to me to join me and she has a little sleep as well. She is getting more confident with our dog and cats, though already she thinks she is boss. I am sure that we will have more developments with Pebbles and looking forwards to that very much. I would only ever recommend Kirsten to buy an eclectus from and also thanks for your friendly service. Oh she loves her fresh branches of the gumtrees and cotoneaster berries even more I thought I let you know. Friendly regards and keep in touch.

Lauren (Stella's Mum)

After much research about Eclectus parrots I decided I was ready to add to the family. I had visited Parrot Haven website many times while learning about these wonderful birds. I looked at several hens advertised locally but this made me want a Parrot Haven bird even more. Luckily enough when I called Kirsten and she had a little girl looking for a home. The interview process to ensure that I was an appropriate owner and getting the right bird for me was great - it made me even more comfortable my little girl would be raised well.

Stella has been home for a week now and is proving to be the stunning, cuddly and smart little girl I was told about. She has amazed me non-stop from the second I picked her up at the airport - where she worked her charm on everyone in the collection area. Once we were home she launched out of her carrier and into her new cage and said hello within 10 minutes - I thought I was imagining it to start but the hellos continued and we have been working on other words and phrases since. It has been so rewarding earning a little more of Stella's trust every day - she is going ahead in leaps and bounds with her training and seems to love any form of mental stimulation - I have worked with many birds, but this little lady is surely the smartest. We have also had heaps of fun playing, cuddling, entertaining visitors and the hilarious shower/blow-dry routine to name a few.

I have every confidence that Kirsten will be happy to offer advice as any questions or problems regarding Stella pop up. Thanks guys for the wonderful companion parrots you breed.
Lauren (Stella's Mum)

Alex, Canberra ACT

For quite a while i have been on the hunt for the perfect bird. Not only did i spend most my time on the computer researching and burning my eyes out from looking at the screen for prolonged periods of time in search of a beautiful eccy, I was also getting frustrated at the fact that no-one that i contacted would give me decent advice, information or was actually nice and cared about their birds, for most breeders out there its a money game with no real effort put into the upraising of the birds. Then i got in touch with Kirsten Badham... From the get go i was in awe, i could not believe at the level of understanding that she had about the birds, the time she put into them and the vigorous questionnaire that you go through to ensure the beautiful birds do not go into the wrong hands. I knew that i have finally found my breeder.

When Kirsten told me that i did not have to wait very long to get my baby i was ecstatic! I couldn't believe that i have been so fortunate to come across such wonderful people. With constant updates with how "Lola" was going and when she was ready, insured me that i would not be disappointed in any way.

At around the time it was time to receive my gorgeous baby, the cyclone hit QLD. I knew that there was no way that the birds would be hurt because Kirsten and her family treated their pets as equals, not once in my head did i have a worry about Lola. I was however worried about the farm and the family. When i was told that everything was fine and there was no major damage to the farm and no one was injured i was relieved.

The time finally came when i had to pick Lola up from the airport, i took her home and instantly i knew that she was exactly how Kirsten described her, "Cuddly Bug".

Its been a few days now and Lola is already starting to say her name. I cannot thank Kirsten enough for such a beautiful example of a well raised hen.

Thank you so much! There is no doubt that i will be getting a Boy to keep my Lola company in the near future.
Alex, Canberra ACT

Peter Carr, Dampier WA

When I first decided I wanted an Eclectus (Sept/Oct 2009) I researched them on the internet and was very impressed with the information on Kirstens web site.

I called her and spoke with her at length regarding the pro's and con's of being the parent of an Eccy. This was enough to convince me that I could make a good parent for my new charge. Unfortunately as hard as Kirsten (or the eccys) tried they were only producing females and I had my heart set on a male. And as I was trying to get one before the very hot Kalgoorlie summer, I contacted another breeder in the south who had males for sale. Hence Graham Greenbird adopted me.

Since then I have stayed in touch with Kirsten and she has been a wealth of knowledge to someone like me having their first avian experience. Even though Graham was not purchased from her she has been so helpful with advice, (at no cost) it really does show the passion she has for them. I now recommend her to the many people who meet Graham and are so taken that they want one as well.

Thank you Kirst for putting my mind at ease so many times and for all your GOOD advice, I am sure I will be talking soon when we choose a "Mrs." Greenbird.
Peter Carr, Dampier WA

Dayle Jordan, Freshwater

Our Eclectus parrots, Maurice and Gina, were a surprise addition to the family in 2010, and began breeding straight away. In January, two chicks hatched. We checked the babies a couple of times a day, and Gina's big black beak would hover, waiting to remove our fingers if we dared touch her babies. We wanted to remove the chicks for hand-rearing, and had no idea how we were going to do that without losing fingers. That's when I first phoned Kirsten Badham.

Not only did Kirsten offer some solutions about removing the babies and future nesting box set-ups, but she also talked to me about hand raising eclectus. I'd raised many King Parrots, but as Kirsten advised, eclectus are a whole new ball game! She offered advice on which formula to use, what to add, consistency, temperature, frequency, and said to call her if I had any concerns.

Then Cyclone Yasi reared its ugly head, and we had to get those babies out quickly. In the end we pinched them after dark while Maurice and Gina were snoozing on a perch. Whew! Then came the feeding regime and the trial and error. There were some anxious moments. I took up Kirsten's offer and phoned her. "One of them is vomiting!" "It's ok, they do that, you've probably just overfed that one." "One of them has green poos!" "It's ok, they just process their food differently." "One of them isn't eating as much as the other!" "It's ok, they have their good days and their bad days." Calm and helpful. And absolutely right.

I've since called Kirsten again, and am very grateful for her willingness to share her expertise and love for the Eclectus parrot, and the fact that she'll share with another breeder (albeit an accidental breeder) is further testimony to her dedication to these beautiful birds. Thank you, Kirsten!
Dayle Jordan, Freshwater

Jamie, Glenda, Madison and Bailey and Mango

Hi Kirstin,
I just wanted to relay my thanks for your support after receiving our new little boy Mango. Having thought of us when one of your customers unfortunately could not keep him due to unforeseen circumstances was a great surprise.

When we got Mango home after a 4 hour drive ( he chatted and babbled all the way home) we set him up in his cage and left the door open to see if he wanted to come out on his own terms. Within 5 mins he was out on my arm with no hesitation on the command "step up". And I was slowly able to touch him all over his body! Under his wings,head,back neck. ANYWHERE!. What a brilliant friendly and PROPERLY HANDRAISED boy. Before the afternoon was out he was cuddling with my wife and each of our kids. You guys bring the meaning of hand raising to another dimension.

And knowing how busy you are ,it is amazing how you say when I call you up "bother me anytime for advice" This is so very comforting to know. Even though I didn't directly buy the baby boy through you,you still take the attitude that he is one of your kids and will always want the best for him. That is something which you should hold very dear and be very proud of how you raise your birds.

So to anyone thinking of getting a little Eccy from you I will have no hesitation in recommending you. The wait is definitely worth it . And one more thing, You're not only buying a great hand raised bird from Kirsten, you are also buying the love they were raised with. And that's priceless!!!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much and will speak soon.
Jamie, Glenda, Madison and Bailey and Mango

Meagan and Zieke

Hi guys,
I just want to thank you for helping me make the decision to get a eckie this time last year. I rang Kirsten for some advice on eckies and it was her wise words that made me sure that i wanted a little boy of my own! I was going to get a boy from you guys but was a little worried about all the flights that he'd have to go through to get to Karratha WA, i ended up finding one in perth and got him in May.

THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! He is my whole world, and goes everywhere with me!!! we even took him out to the local gorge out of town last weekend and he came SWIMMING with us!!! what a crack up!!! His name is Zieke, and is a total rockstar!!!! so very funny and cheeky!!!!!

Anyway, i just wanted to say thank you for your wise words last year!!!!
Hope you guys had a great chrissy and new years!!!!
:o) Meagan and Zieke!!!

Steve, Canada

Hi, I wanted to pass on this letter to express my gratitude for all of the information your willing to share so freely. I have read your entire website and blog, it has helped me greatly with my male Eccy and also my African Grey girl. I didn't know how dangerous some of the toys could be and took out the bells straight away after reading your post on heavy metal dangers. Congratulations too on such a streamlined and impressive website and your blog is outstanding, the layout is so easy on the eyes. Its one of the better websites I have come across. Thank you again for all of your info and please keep writing, you have a big fan here. I look forward to keeping in touch.
Steve, Canada

Anonymous, U.S.A

Hi Kirsten,
I just want to say what a relief it was to find someone who actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to Heavy Metal Poisoning. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and to get the information across in an easy to understand way. More people need to read this and understand the dangers you have brought up. You definitely have the gift for writing, keep up the good work!
Anonymous, U.S.A

Chen-Chi, China

Thank you Kirsten for your kind help with my Eclectus Parrot. It was very much helpful and she has stopped plucking out her feathers. Thanks for the enthusiasm and help to provide me with such helpful information. I am very much happy with the outcome.
Chen-Chi, China

Tanya, Brisbane QLD

I first rung Kirsten when we were intending to adopt Ruby, a female Eclectus who's dad was moving away and couldn't take her with him. Unfortunately other people had asked to take her before us, so we had to stand aside and were naturally disappointed. I called Kirsten to see if we could be put on the waiting list for one of her babies. I found Creature Comfort Parrot Haven on the internet and fell in love with how the animals on Kirsten's farm were so much a part of their family, just like everyone of our many pets. After talking with Kirsten on the phone, I felt I had a good idea of what it was going to be like being an Eclectus owner. Kirsten, is an extremely well informed breeder who readily shares her knowledge. I have constantly kept up with Kirsten's ever changing website, especially the blog. As strange things will happen we ended up getting Ruby and I had to unfortunately take my name off the waiting list.

Kirsten has invited me to contact her anytime if I need help with the care of Ruby and has already offered advice and help. Her dedication to Parrots wellbeing is to be commended (Ruby is not a Creature Comfort Parrot).

Thank you again Kirsten for your help and sharing of information
Tanya, Brisbane QLD Australia

Jason, California USA

Dear Kirsten,
I just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the excellent advice you've given me recently with some of the questions I had about our little baby.

Hands down, you've been the most helpful and kind expert around. Even though I hadn't purchased my Eccy from you (can't export out of Australia), you've been an encyclopedia of parrot care for me and that speaks volumes about you and the love you have for animals and these fascinating birds.

I cannot thank you enough - and I hope that my story can help anyone feel confident in their purchase of one of your amazing birds! You are the best!

Thank you again!
Jason, California USA

Yvonne, South America

Hi, I just want to extend a quick thank you to Kirsten for writing about how dangerous Heavy Metal Poisoning is. I didn't know that and most of the toys I bought could have killed my Eclectus. I would have been heartbroken if she had died. I cant believe the pet stores still sell these toys, my bird could have died if I hadn't been lucky enough to stumble upon your blog.

Thanks again, more people should know about this, I will be telling all my friends with birds to take the bells off the toys.

Also your website is fantastic, very easy to follow, great design, well written and very helpful. Its great!
Yvonne - South America

T.S. South America

You have some amazing information on your website and blog and I wanted to say that your website is wonderful, so easy on the eyes and the best one I have come across hands down. I found your site to be a great resource, I have been searching the net for so long for good reliable info and at last I have finally found it. Thanks for sharing your information, the diet page was great and my macaw loves all her new tasty treats.

Keep up the great work.
T.S. - South America

Josie, Arizona USA

Hello, just want to say that your website is fantastic! Your information is exceptional and inspirational; I gained a great deal of knowledge from just reading one of the articles on your blog. The enthusiasm you have for Parrots is infectious and I can't wait to read more!

Thank you for sharing your work.
Josie T. - Arizona USA

Sally, Glasgow UK

Dear Parrot Haven
Thank you for your help Kirsten, for taking the time out of your busy day to help me with my Amazon Tobie. I rang many other breeders over in the UK and nobody wanted to listen to me or help, so thank you. I wanted to let you know that we will be getting a friend for her, thank you, you put my mind at rest. I appreciate your email and thanks for all of the details and options you gave us, it really has helped.

Sally - Glasgow UK

Andrea, Hobart TAS

Hi Kirsten just a note to say everything is going brilliantly in the Holmes house with our darling Ruby. She is the most lovable magnificent bird and we have now got over the tanty throwing but we did wonder whether we would ever be able to hear again!!!!!! She flies onto my arm on command and is also saying hello and trying hard to say her name. Dave adores her as do the kids and she gets many special treats when mum is not around. We will send some photos when I find the camera as we are in the middle of renovating to sell to hopefully move to a property with 34 acres lots of space for an out door aviary. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to have such a beautiful baby.

We all love her so much Talk Soon
Andrea Holmes - Hobart TAS

Mike and Julie, Alaska USA

Hi Kirsten
Thank you very much for your great help and advice you gave me. Even though I initially rang up from Alaska to buy a male Eccy from you and even though you couldn't sell me a bird, you were still more than happy to help me with the problem I had with my pet Eclectus laying eggs.

Its a shame you can't export your birds, I would love one of your parrots!

I just wanted to tell you that you were right on the mark with your advice and it worked a treat. She is now much happier and so are we.

Thanks again and I can't recommend you highly enough to all the people who own parrots, your information and knowledge is amazing. Keep up the great work!
Mike and Julie, Alaska USA

Donna Brisbane, QLD

Hi, I have now bought 4 Eclectus from Kirsten over 2 years. My Roxy and Bailey Girls and Bruce and Brocc are my boys. All 4 of them have really different natures and that is what I love about my babies Bruce is so funny and Brocc is such a cuddly boy.

Kirsten has spent so much time teaching me about my parrots and she is always so helpful if I need to know any information. We have now become good friends but she is always so professional when it comes to her birds. She always send heaps of pictures when the babies are growing up which is great for people who love to make scrap booking albums.

I really recommend them as the best parrot breeders there are as you would never find that kind of service anywhere else. I have seen lots of Eclectus parrots in pet shops and from other breeders and Kirst's parrots are the largest and healthiest birds I have ever seen. You can sure tell they are fed the best diet and are well looked after. I always tell her she should put up her prices cos other people are selling them for $1500 but she won't put the price up cos she wants to be kind to her customers, I tell her she's mad but she just wont do it. Anyone who complains about her prices is crazy as they are the best birds I have ever seen and I love my babies and wouldn't go anywhere else for parrots or advice.

I tell all my friends wanting birds about her and am coming up to visit her farm in June. I could write forever about my babies and all the antics they get up to but if you want to ask about my babies or would like a reference for Kirsten's parrots please call Kirst and she will pass on my number.

-Donna Brisbane

Brandon Townsville, QLD

I am an animal enthusiast and i don't acquire any exotic or specialised animal until i have researched the BEST practice and management. After struggling to find breeders in Townsville - I came across Kirsten's web site, and within less than 48 hours - my new Eclectus "JD" arrived! Before purchasing my male eclectus i was able to view photos and video footage of "JD". Kirsten also included an easy to read "how to look after your Eclectus"booklet. "JD" is healthy, and talkative and im so glad that i was able to find a genuine and passionate breeder . Thanks Kirsten

-Brandon Townsville

Dawn Elvey & Darren Wooster Victoria

Hi Kirst, Good to see you have a great website up and running. We found Kirst after much researching and speaking to many other breeders, many of whom claimed to handraise their birds, only for us to find out all they do is hand feed them whilst in a small container.

Kirst does a great job in the raising and socialising of her birds, having them in her house to free fly and socialise with people and other birds. Our first little bird from Kirst was a quaker called bobbin, he came to us already saying hello and was very tame. We made many calls to Kirst for information and assistance to ensure we were raising this little bird to the best of our ability. She is dedicated and serious about providing the best homes for her birds, and always available should you need advice.

We are located in central Victoria and had no problems with arranging for the birds to be freighted down to us. We have since also purchased a beautiful Eccy hen, Molly, a gorgeous and intelligent bird and completely different to our little Bobbin. Kirst has always been more than helpful to us and quite frankly I would not buy a tame bird from anybody else. I highly recommend purchasing your birds from Kirst.

Regards, -Dawn Elvey & Darren Wooster / Victoria

Dr Liz, North Qld

Hello, I have 2 Eclectus parrots and one Quaker from Kirsten Badham. Brussel my male Eclectus (his Dad is called sprout) and Florence a female Eclectus. They are magnificent, loving ,intelligent, gentle birds. As pet's, I couldn't recommend them highly enough. They are quiet placid don't chew everything in sight and easy to train. Brussel is a brilliant talker , Florence is more quiet.

Kirsten has been amazing in every aspect. Ever since we decided to have a parrot. Their advice (and ongoing help) has been invaluable... I would not hesitate in recommending them ...


Regina, Sydney

Hello, I would like to thank Kirsten for her fantastic service and for my beautiful boy Sammy. They gave me so much information and I loved all the photos she sent when my boy was growing up. I had my boy send to Sydney and Kirsten organized everything and put my mind at rest that my baby would be safe.

When I got him home I was so happy with him, he looked exactly the same as in the photos and he spent the night snuggling with me. He is the most fantastic pet ever and I would highly recommend Kirsten as parrot breeders. I had heard of their reputation and always felt confident in the information they gave me. My boy came with pages of information which I was so happy with. They sell gorgeous pets and I am saving up for my next baby.

Regina - Sydney

Rhys, Adelaide

Hi thanks so much Kirsten! I am thrilled with my new girl. I was so excited that you were able to organise sending my bird to me at such short notice and all of the information you gave was so good. I would recommend getting a bird from Parrot Haven anytime cos their birds are lovely.

Rhys - Adelaide


Hello, I bought a boy off Kirsten and they were so helpful with all the information they gave and their professionalism was great. I was pleasantly supervised not only at the friendliness of my little boy but also the size of him compared with other Eclectus parrots I have seen. They sent me a lovely healthy large baby who is super friendly. You cant go wrong with one of their birds and I always know if I need help they are there to help me with anything I need. They have a great reputation down here and they certainly deserve it. A job well done guys! Thank you so much for my sweet baby, he is everything I could have ever wanted and more.

Kerry - Brisbane Queensland


Fantastic birds and service guys! Thanks again for yet another wonderful baby....... We will be calling in the next few months for our next boy......... Parrot Haven raise the best babies, I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Keep up the good work! So when are you building your next bank of aviaries?

Sara - Brisbane


Hello Kirsten, How is everything going?

Bruce, Roxy, Bailey, Broci said hello there going really well. There getting big and starting talk its so funny when there trying say some words and it comes out wrong and they get so upset with themselves. You have help me so much if I didn't't have all of your support and have you there to teach me how to take care of them, I don't think they would be as happy as they are. They are such big healthy birds and I am so proud of them. Before I bought a baby from you and you sent me the information packs, I didn't't really know what to feed them or what you cant feed them. All of the health information has been wonderful too as I would have been worried about all the small things which turned out to be nothing but if I didn't have your advice I would have had to have gone to the vets wondering if I was looking after them right. But now I know I am thanks to all your help and the kids are really healthy.

When I first wanted and Eclectus I didn't't really know the right size cages for them cos I didn't want them to be stuck in cages what would be way to small, all the info you gave with that was great and for all future Eclectus owners, these birds are very smart and they need heaps toys and things to play with. They also love there fruit and veggies as well there biscuits which I share with them of an afternoon. There one thing they really like is there showers, I have a spray bottle and they would open there wings all the way and I spray them, they think its christmases have come at once.

Kirsten, Thank for all the help you have given me! With out you guys I would been completely lost cos some of the other people I rang before I luckily found you wouldn't help or give and information about the baby's or follow up service and you guys are so good at this.

All the kids send there love to you guys and hoping to see you soon.

from Donna

Fiona Hunt

Dear Kirsten,
sorry this has taken so long
To any one concerned:
I would unreservedly recommend Kirsten at Parrot Haven to anyone considering purchasing an Eclectus Parrot. Not only did they take the time to match my personality to a wonderful parrot who has been a delightful addition to the household, they also spent a great deal of time providing me with advice and support with regards to training and looking after what is my first pet bird.

To anyone who has any doubts about where to buy an Eclectus from I would say that you cannot go wrong with parrot haven- they take to time to rear their birds really well, the birds have great genetics to form a close bond to you and you are provided with considerable after purchase support.

Fiona Hunt, Mt Eliza Victoria


The image I have created in my mind of Parrot Haven - is a warm,friendly, country living family who enjoy - no - love their animals with everything their hearts can hold. A family who enjoys sharing their much loved feathered friends with others and who strive to helps others enjoy their feathered pets in the same way.

I find you both very inspiring - you have set a standard and its one I feel many others would be wise to consider PLUS you are willing to share your knowledge in the best interests of our beloved parrots...

I have spent many hours visiting and re-visiting your website - I am keen to come and visit you and your family - human and feathered, to learn how you do what you do... to see the environment that is making your parrots so happy - to learn from you - as much as you are willing to share with me...in the time we will have during our visit :)

I believe if you are going to do something, you do it properly - with everything you have in you... half heartedly is not an option for me - I need to know what I am doing and how to do it properly and the only way to come up with options to challenges is by talking to those who have already walked the path... There is so much to learn....

Our babies are human crazy they fly out of their cage and directly to one of us - they don't know fear of people... This will be our first visitor - exciting!

Talk soon